Quality Policy

It is to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction by satisfying their changing needs, demands and requirements as they expect according to their constantly improving values. To gain loyalty of more customers through service provision at high quality, to raise our market share and competition power by service provision in our areas at superior quality, to fulfill our obligations better to our employees, society and environment;

Our principles ;
To progress by considering happiness of the society as essential, improvement of our brand as an object, customer satisfaction as a target,

To meet the requirements of our quality concept through conscientious diligent actions of our personnel, to improve our efficiency constantly by monitoring our conformance and competence continuously,

To ensure constant personal development and satisfaction by supporting knowledge and experience of our employees, who are foundation of our power, through continuous training processes and motivating them,

To consider all operations with the approach of process to achieve more effective and efficient business results in a short while and to improve them continuously,
To follow advancing science and technology and to establish business relations with our customers based on mutual benefit and confidence for customer satisfaction again,

Our company, based on the Total Quality Management and the concept that is essential to it “individual development means social development”, shall accomplish as Enmak Machinery as long as we work with confidence and progress.